Alone With a Mountain Breeze

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~ Poetry | Occasional poems from Floating on a River series ~

You are a river springing forth from a mountain,
far away, somewhere beyond seasons,
and beyond earthly pains and heavenly pleasures.

I irresistibly come to bathe myself
in your calm whirls.

I am too sinful to seek you.
to follow you,
to drink from you.

But, too thirsty to stay away;
too dirty not to wash my soul.

Someone with many strayed paths.
Unloyal, disaffected, unworthy.
The soul wanders, trespasses and transforms.
It fights against its own lunatic wish to tie itself with yours.
Destiny doesn’t have it, doesn’t have it,
a voice so becalming admonishes.

But, my love is not fraudulent I vow,
or, rather my longing
Only unfair and unhumble; forgive me.

Your laughter like a spring rattles through hard rocks,
Little words that flow from a soul’s solitude,
Long silences of empty embellishments around,
Tearful smiles from a heaven yet unreached.

Your eyes giving constant pain
Piercing through longings and belongings
Cancelling past and present
Wounding and healing my soul alike.

In my dream, you stand alone
in the middle of a woods,
bloomed with flowers of wilderness.
You wait there fully clad in night’s purest robes,
against the moonlight,
against the guilt of saints and supplications of sinners.
All alone, like the loneliest and loveliest princess,
After an apocalypse
in the name of Love.

I want to see you whirling with angels,
I want your ships cross the tides of despair,
I want your rivers flow through my soul,
I want to drink your tears and die in ecstasy.

Love is worth it, let fools laugh at me, rebel and ridicule me.
In such intense times, of love and death,
Longing is an elixir.

It is not everyday that
I get to meet someone like you.

~ by MUHAMMED NOUSHAD, occasional poetry series, tentatively titled Floating on a River.

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