I. Creative Writing 
The content and duration of the workshop are decided/customised based on the need and level of the participants (as Basic level, Medium level and Advanced level). Genres of fiction and non-fiction are separately dealt with. Specialised mentoring in screen writing, travel writing, creative non-fiction, book publishing etc are provided, if required.  
II. Theater for Awareness and Connection  
This is a process workshop where participants are guided through certain individual and group activities to explore their physical body and the world of emotions. Intended to improving intrapersonal and interpersonal skills through a set of theater activities, creative movement techniques and bonding games. Lessons from the therapeutic use of theater are adapted in this self-exploratory journey.
III. Art and Theater in Education / Creative Pedagogy 
This is meant for teachers and aspiring teachers, by introducing useful theater techniques to employ in classrooms and learning environments for the holistic development of children/youngsters. This workshop explores how theater can be pedagogically used to enhance children’s multiple skills and sensibilities. 
For detailed modules or images of previous workshops, contact at mnoush (at) gmail (dot) com