In the Same Sea..


~ Poetry | Occasional poems from ‘Floating on a River’ series ~ 

In the distance, there is a ship

Anchored in tainted heritage,

Lost in the fog of oblivion.

I keep looking at it, looking at it;

Its wilful immobility, the voyages it undoes.

It could have brought you and your beautiful innocence

Through the waves of pain

To this sleepy harbour.

To wake up together
in one another’s dreams.
There is an island,
always beyond our pains,
a haven of possibilities.

And a cycle waiting on the shore,
to ride through the wild forests
floating in our memories.
And yet a sea between us.
A rainbow and rain clouds over our souls.

The paths are vague.
The Sea and the Land endless.
People and Time infinite.
These things I have known well.
Like I have known your deep eyes,
The sea of mysteries.

What I don’t know is where you are
And when you would come.

– by MUHAMMED NOUSHAD, instant poetry in Penang, Malaysia, partly inspired by the photograph above taken with an ordinary Android gadget, and the Chinese harbour township’s enchantments – part of a series tentatively titled ‘Floating on a River’.

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