Five Editors on the Road, in Search of Readers..

In the month of Ramadan, we, the editorial team at Other Books set off on a road that we haven’t known before:  a book promotion trip from Calicut to Thiruvananthapuram, connecting individuals, institutions, organisations and common people. The idea was simple: meet our readers, friends, well-wishers, authors, translators, community leaders, research scholars, activists, imams and common public and talk to

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We Lack Courage and Humour to Cast Out Caste: Stalin

India Untouched: Stories of a People Apart is a 110 minutes documentary, released in 2007, about the caste-untouchability in India. The director of the film, Stalin K, travelled in eight States and covered all aspects of untouchability as practiced in India’s major religions; he spent four years on this project. On a screening tour to Kerala, he talked to MOHAMMED NOUSHAD. Excerpts.

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