Adhkiyā and Mappila Ghazali | Interview with Shameer K S

Hidāyat al Adhkiyā is a text in circulation. A small text of 188 lines has created deeper meanings for Muslims in South Asia and far eastern regions. The text is testimony to how Makhdūm scholars remained an ethical compass of Muslim societies through their scholarship. Other Books recently published Adhkiya in English.

Adhkiya’s English translator, Shameer K S, in this interview with M Noushad, talks about his personal association with Adhkiya; the historical and spiritual significance of this text not only for Malabari Muslims but also for the Indian Ocean coasts; the experience of collaborating with Dr Eric Shuhaib Winkle; his influences and inspirations.

Adhkiya: Guidance for the Adepts to the way of God’s Friends

Author: Sheikh Zainuddin Makhdūm-1

Translated by Shameer K S

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